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Site Updates:

20th January 2015 New object: Hourglass
31st January Added a page for a cheap bed I made a while ago.
Many new objects:
Cheap Bed 2.
Ramirez-style Sloping Bureau.
Ramirez-style Dining Table.
Side Chimney with Cowl.
Cheap wardrobes (single and double).
Another cheap wardrobe.
Simple wooden door (4x8 and 4x7).
9th January 2014 Tweaked the fixed 'SheriffsNoKO' mesh. Better texture mapping and the Renderer > Mesh Textures property now works.
21st May 2013 A new object: Burning Brazier
25th October Improved EmergencyLights and AlarmLite. Get them from the objects page.
23rd October Improved Gaslight and NiceTorch models. Get them from the objects page.
16th February 2012 New Window Textures (see the textures page) - made to fit 4x6 or 4x8 windows.
18th October I have released most of the objects I made for Stones and Glass Houses
17th August On 6th August I released my fan mission, but I never thought to put an update on here!
I've just completed a set of lootlists for those of you who like to get everything.
4th August All this time without an update, but I haven't been idle. Real life is always a factor but I also put one of my other hobbies on hold so I could focus on getting my FM ready. There was a lot of work, but now it's nearing the end of Beta testing. Oh, and I've added the briefing movie to the preview page
19th January 2011 2 improvments to original objects - Bafford's Throne and Holy Water Vial
1st December 1 new screenshot for mission 3 of my FM
15th August New screenshots of my FM
Images are now grouped by which mission they belong to.
13th April New page added: Preview of my second full-sized FM
2nd January 2009 Pages added for Improved 10' Iron Fence and Grouped 10' Iron Fences.
4th December Link added for Soulforge Machines Tutorial & Demo. See Thief Related Stuff.
25th July This website has a new address! If you had it in your bookmarks, please make the necessary updates. The old link will probably stop working on 28th July.
20th April 2008 Updated Wall Candle readme file. Now includes instructions for using the provided "snuff" sound.
Also added: Gas arrows should turn it off just like water arrows.
19th November Minor tweaking - Menu moved to the tops of pages, pages given individual titles, Links page removed - there weren't that many and some of them were dead.
26th Note on permissions added to Objects and Textures pages.