Stones and Glass Houses - The All Torc Sequel


It has been some time since you swapped the Serpentyle Torc for some valuable gems. The problem is that nobody will buy them off you. The last thing Lord Barnham wants is for you to feel he's not upheld his part of the deal. Thieves don't make good enemies.

Barnham has arranged for a jeweller to meet you in a nearby city, and he'll buy the gems off you. It's usually very hard to enter the city, as it's surrounded by a great wall, and the main gates are well guarded. Recently nature has intervened in your favour. A rockfall outside the city has jammed open the hatch of a pipe which leads to a power station. There's just enough room for you to squeeze through.

Once you've made your way through the power station and into the city, you will find the jeweller, sell the gems, and then finally the Torc job will be complete.

Well, that's the plan...


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Mission 1

Mission 2

Mission 3



This is the briefing movie for the first mission.

It's an indoor market, not yet finished. It's bit hard to see what's in each stall, so in order here's what they are: fish, boots/shoes, cheese, veg, meat, bread (coming soon!), bits of pipes (joints etc), psychic, coffins, pots/cups etc, metalworks and finally, potions.

Note the sound the blackjack makes. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but then it occurred to me that the whole point of blackjacking was that it was quiet. The default sound has been restored. The AI texture was made by marshall banana. Also there's a brush!

A look at my power station in action.

This is a part of a scripted event.

Part of the second mission.

Another look at mission 2. Includes an interesting door. If you turn up the volume you'll hear some interesting whistling at two points.