The Five Tigers -- A Thief II Mission Pack

In this adventure, you play as Nekosan, a master thief who has been commissioned to steal a set of fabled gemstones known as the Five Tigers. Each stone is held by a different noble family: Eye of the Tiger by the Walkers, Claw of the Tiger by the Evans, Heart of the Tiger by the James, Shadow of the Tiger by the Agees, and Soul of the Tiger by the Boles. Each family has the gemstone locked in a vault which cannot be picked, and the lords keep the only key with them at all times.

Mission One — The HBS Iron Butterfly

According to your employer, four of the families have booked passage on the maiden voyage of the Iron Butterfly. They will board the ship on June 22 and spend the night on board. The ship will leave port for a two week cruise at noon the next day. You need to break into the shipyard, find information about the stateroom assignments, find the four lords on the ship, and make wax impressions of their keys.

Download Iron Butterfly (Released April 2, 2007) ———— Screen Shots

Mission Two — Eye of the Tiger

Two days after your visit to the Iron Butterfly, you are ready to steal the first gemstone from the Walker Estate. Although most of the servants are off visiting family, Aldred, the estate manager, has kept a large contingent of guards on duty. In addition, Lord Walker has purchased and installed a number of Mechanist devices to protect the grounds.

After getting over the wall, you need to find the location of the vault and steal the Eye of the Tiger. Sounds simple enough.

Download Eye of the Tiger (Update Released April 11, 2008) ———— Screen Shots

Mission Three — Claw of the Tiger

Another four days have passed, and you're ready to steal the Claw of the Tiger gemstone. Unfortunately, your actions at the Walker Estate have put the town in a turmoil, and moving through the city has become nearly impossible, even for an expert thief.

Your employer has devised a risky way around this problem. Two city watchmen will "arrest" you and take you to the South District Watch Office. After sundown, the owner of the local inn will drug the jail guards and open your cell. Once free, you need to arm yourself and retrieve items your employer has had hidden in the inn.

The Evans family keeps the stone in a vault hidden beneath the Evans Foundry Works. While the offices are open normal business hours, the factory runs continuously, and despite recent financial setbacks, Lord Evans keeps a full contingent of guards and workers on staff.

After you find a way into the foundry grounds, you need to find the location of the vault and steal the Claw of the Tiger. Sounds simple enough.

Download Claw of the Tiger (Released June 22, 2009) ———— Screen Shots

Mission Four — Heart of the Tiger

Yet another four days have passed, and the Iron Butterfly has returned to port. The thefts of the Tiger's Eye and Tiger's Claw have not gone unnoticed, and security throughout the city has greatly increased. While your employer is not pleased with this setback, the behavior of Lord James has prompted an important change of plans.

Rather than increase security on his estate, Lord James has moved a large contingent of his household guard to the James School for Young Gentlemen and Ladies. He has even sent the captain of the guard to oversee the operation. Clearly, he would not do so unless the Tiger's Heart was located on the school grounds rather than the estate. Moreover, he has hired peasants and the like to patrol the school grounds, presenting both a challenge and an opportunity.

Thanks to your employer's influence, you have been hired to patrol the west yard. All you need do now is show up at the front gate, accept your wages and letter of employment from the headmaster, and begin your duties.

Once you're inside the walls, you need to gain access to the building, find the location of the vault, bypass any security measures, and steal the Heart of the Tiger. Sounds simple enough.

Download Heart of the Tiger (Not yet released) ———— Screen Shots

Mission Five — Shadow of the Tiger

No information yet.

Mission Six — Soul of the Tiger

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